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Your Communication: Inviting or Just Noise?

In the winter (and this spring!), when it’s snowy and cold in Minneapolis, I walk at the mall early in the morning. Yup. I’ve become a winter “mall-walker.”

I get my steps in and I have plenty of time to think.  And since the stores are closed I notice things I don’t normally see.

Two signs caught my eye with their fun, inviting language. Which got me thinking about the words we use to invite donors to give time or more money.

Do you use inviting language
Does your communication inspire? Invite? Convey something fun, exciting or life-changing will happen?

OR does your communication have the enthusiasm of this small, boring sign?

Does your communication lack enthusiasm?

Think about what you want people to do AND what you want them to feel when they support you.

PAY ATTENTION to your word choices. You’ll make a HUGE difference in the responses you receive.

If you’ve got fun graphics of your invitations to make a contribution. Please share!

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Need some help crafting inspiring and inviting language? Download 100 Emotionally-Connecting Words!

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