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How to Use Inspiring & Inviting Language in Your Nonprofit Communication

By February 7, 2018February 2nd, 2023Communication

Time and time again I’ve watched nonprofit organizations struggle to engage their supporters. The trouble stems from choosing boring, ineffective communication rather than inspiring and inviting language.

Word choice matters!

The words we choose are often utilitarian and over-used. It’s as if readers and listeners don’t even notice them. Add a tendency to go on about your “lack of” with scarcity language and you cause the perfect storm of uninspiring, unengaging language.

To help move you past the struggle and focus on inspiring nonprofit communication that hits the mark, I’ve put together two handy charts to nudge you in a different direction.

ow to Get Inspiring and Inviting Language into Your Communication

Remember: When we pause and choose inspiring and inviting language that engages our supporters we open up opportunities for deeper connections and bigger actions.

Scarcity language vs inviting language

What are some of your favorite inspiration words and inviting phrases?

For help crafting a powerful, engaging story visit the Resources section for a free 2-page storytelling framework and other storytelling tools.

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