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Pick Up the Phone & Call a Donor Today

You’ve heard the advice, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” What if today your one thing is to pick up the phone to call a donor – simply thanking them for their support?
Call a Donor
I can now hear the loud thunder of answers you are shouting as you read this:

NO! You can’t call people during the busy holiday season!

NO! I hate the phone.

NO! I hate getting unsolicited phone calls.

OR some other excuse to not make someone’s day.

Sorry folks, phone calls make a difference to your bottom line. Here are some reasons why:

Alright already, you say? You’ll make a call or two in between doing last-minute shopping online or checking your likes or follows on social media. Once you move past the fear and your own personal barriers about making phone calls, then what?


  • Supporters who have not yet given this year but have been regular donors in the past.
  • People who made a financial contribution earlier this year.
  • Your long-time, regular, and/or monthly supporters.

You will most likely be leaving a voice mail message, so keep it brief.

  1. Let your supporter know their gift (of time or money or both) mattered to a child, veteran, musician, scientist, someone in a wheelchair, or ??
  2. Tell them a little bit about that person (first name, age, and an inspiring quick sentence) and say THANK YOU on their behalf.
  3. Wish them a terrific day because they’ve made someone else’s day terrific!

That’s it.


Just in case you need more: Here’s a read from the archives to guide you: 7 Tips for Making Better Donor Thank You Calls 

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