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Help Your Organization Stand Apart

By April 24, 2019December 16th, 2019Communication

Help Your Organization Stand Apart

Choosing clear, bold, and emotionally-connecting words will help your organization stand apart and cause people to take action.

Click on the orange links below for help to get you started crafting your own clear, bold communication.

Changing the World: One Word at A Time
“When you put the focus on what you’ll gain versus what is difficult, wrong, or feels impossible, things happen. Good things.”

Shift Your Fundraising from Scarcity to Possibility: Change Your Words For a Better Outcome
“The simple question I ask most often when I’ve been brought in to help an organization raise more money is: How will you reframe your comment or question to come from possibility rather than scarcity?”

How to Use Inspiring & Inviting Language in Your Nonprofit Communication
“Remember: When we pause and choose inspiring and inviting language that engages our supporters we open up opportunities for deeper connections and bigger actions.”

If you really want to work on clear, bold communication that not only makes you stand apart, but also brings in the big money, take a look at the Ignite Your Fundraising Results Program


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