What is it That You are REALLY Afraid Of?

By October 18, 2017Fundraising

Your important work requires philanthropic support.

Philanthropists are people who support important work.
Don't Be Afraid to Ask
The only thing holding those philanthropists back from making a significant contribution to your work is that someone (YOU) failed to make the invitation.

Failure to ask for adequate financial support 

— that truly matches the level of need the work you requires

— is THE main reasons you’ve failed to meet or exceed your budget.

If you are worried they’ll say no,  you’ve forgotten it’s not about YOU that you’re asking.

It’s for those children, veterans, families, people or animals needing a home, and the laws that affect real people.

If you are worried you’ll ask for too much, you’ve forgotten to share what it actually takes to do your important work.

If you are worried about how you’ll feel making the ask, you’ve forgotten to be concerned with getting the donor ready to say yes.

If you are worried – your focus is in the wrong place.  Remember fundraising is about fulfilling the aspirations of your supporters. Fundraising is about changing lives – together with others.

Asking is about providing an opportunity.


Share a mission moment story and tell the truth about what it takes to do your important work.

Stop thinking about how YOU’LL feel and have inspiring, authentic, conversations about what it takes to change lives at your organization.

The Complete Storytelling System will provide everything you need to have the confidence and skills to find, craft, and share mission moment stories that generate $50,000, $100,000, and even $1 million contributions!


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