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Did you meet your Giving Tuesday Fundraising Goal?

Well, did you? Meet your Giving Tuesday fundraising goal, that is.
take action to meet your fundraising goal
I was woefully disappointed by most of the emails and social media posts that crossed into my awareness this week.

Many posts and emails simply reminded me that it was Giving Tuesday with what felt like an expectation to give money.

What was missing?

  • Who would my contribution help?
  • How much money would make a difference?
  • What was the financial gap between where the organization is today and where it must be by end of the day or end of December to fully fund their mission?
  • A sense of urgency: Why give now?

We compete for attention every moment of the day. Great storytelling is more than an essential skill, it’s your superpower to get people to pay attention to your message.


A few years ago I worked with a small nonprofit in preparation for Give to the Max day (GTMD) – the annual 24-hour giving day in Minnesota.

In previous years the tiny but mighty team had a small fundraising goal, raising just over $10,000 during the 24-hour day of giving. The year we worked together their fundraising revenue for the 24-hour campaign was just over $78,000!

What will it take for you to exceed YOUR fundraising goals?

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If you’re ready to blow past your fundraising goals – I want to show you how!

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