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Year-end Giving Review + Wisdom for a Successful 2023

By January 19, 2023Fundraising

How did your 2022 fundraising year end? Have you done a year-end giving review? Would you like some sage advice on how to make 2023 your best fundraising year ever?
Hope is not an effective fundraising strategy
Earlier this week I had fun participating in a panel hosted by NXUnite. We talked about 2022 year-end giving and provided some insights into how to make 2023 a successful fundraising year.

Some of what we discussed during the panel:

  • Ways to effectively evaluate the success of your year-end giving
  • How to take lessons from this year to strengthen your year-end giving for next year
  • Best fundraising strategies to put in place coming out of year-end giving

Richard Tollefson, from The Phoenix Philanthropy Group, shared how confidence, persistence, vision, and humility are tools for a successful fundraising program.

Regina Alhassan, from ResearchPRO, LLC, talked about the importance of donor data tracking.

Julia Beltran, Partnership Manager at Double The Donation, reminded us of the power of corporate matching gifts.

I talked about getting your community ready to give ALL year long and the power of thanking creatively. I also shared a reminder that hope is NOT a fundraising strategy.

Watch the replay with some of your staff and board members to set yourselves up for a powerful year ahead. Enjoy!

Or click the image below to visit the NXUnite replay page where you’ll log in to view the on-demand recording.

Year-end Giving Review panel

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