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Uncertain Times Mean Making New Plans

By March 16, 2020September 18th, 2020Coaching, Fundraising

Have there ever been more uncertain times for fundraising?

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of our daily lives.

You’re likely feeling overwhelmed AND asking: Should we ask for a gift now? How do we meet goal when we cancel our event? Should we send out a mailing?

Get answers to your questions AND learn the actions to take right away on Wed. March 18 at 10 AM Central.

Steven Shattuck from Bloomerang, and I, will deliver the FREE Webinar: During Times of Fear & Uncertainty – How to Fundraise?

We’ll share our collective best practices for fundraising during uncertain times and financial fear. Steven & I have worked with thousands of nonprofits in good times and bad. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Once you’ve registered for the webinar craft your new plan. In your planning meeting discuss:

  1. How do we want others to feel? That question includes individual, institutional & in-kind donors, volunteers, staff, board members, those you serve & their families, community partners, everyone.
  2. What do we want them to do? Discuss with your team: What actions must we take to make that happen?
  3. By when do we want them to take action? Asking for money for the next few days is not the focus. Powerfully reminding others of their impact & putting a face to why you exist — that’s the focus.

In addition to making a new plan what we’ll cover on the FREE live webinar:  

  • Learn the 3 most important actions to take in your fundraising, immediately.
  • Learn how your donor data is your friend, especially in times of uncertainty.
  • Review what other nonprofits have already starting implementing for upcoming planned events.
  • Learn powerful language to keep donors informed and inspired — so when you DO ask, they’re ready to give.
  • Time to get your questions answered.

Remember, focusing on key fundamentals of fundraising is the only way to succeed, in good times and bad.

In the meantime, more resources for you:

Essential COVID-19 / Financial Crisis Fundraising Advice

Working from Home After 10 Years of Doing it Successfully from Julia Campbell

If You Have to Cancel Your Event Because of Coronavirus from Gail Perry

More online support to fine-tune your messaging in uncertain times: Power of 3 Storytelling webinars with Grant Station.

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