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Three Things Donors Should Know BEFORE Your Next Fundraising Event

By February 10, 2022February 16th, 2023Fundraising

Increase Revenue at Next Fundraising EventYou’ve spent so much time on the details of planning your next fundraising event. Whether it’s a golf outing, gala, fundraising breakfast or lunch, wine-tasting, or fund-a-need activity — invitations are sent and then you expect donors to give.

Unfortunately, your guests don’t care much about the napkin colors, centerpieces, gift bags, or the font on the invitation. They care about things you likely haven’t focused on, yet.

To make your fundraising event or appeal a success you’ll want to shift your focus.

It doesn’t take more time to be certain your donors are able to answer these three questions. It DOES take paying attention to your messages.  And, if your donors can’t answer these questions, and I’m serious here — don’t expect them to give.

Three things donors should know BEFORE you ask them to give:
  1. What does it take to fully fund your mission?
  2. Why is more required NOW?
  3. Who is impacted when a contribution is made?

Our job as fundraising professionals is to make the complex simple to understand. Talking about money and your programs or services might feel complex or scary. But it doesn’t have to be.

Is this you: You don’t want to be “asking” all the time, but you want more contributions? You want to share inspiring messages but your time is limited?

After helping thousands of nonprofit organizations make simple and powerful changes to their communication I’ve seen exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Imagine how you’ll feel the final week of the year KNOWING you’ve exceeded your fundraising goals. Let’s make that feeling a reality for you.

I do my work to support and serve you. My goal is to have you feel less alone and uncertain. That’s why I offer coaching packages and workshop training sessions.

You’ll receive a step-by-step plan and coaching to:

  • Craft messages people pay attention to
  • Choose inspiring words
  • Tell engaging stories
  • Be certain you have fully prepared your event testimonial speakers

If you are interested in coaching to be fully prepared for your next fundraising event. Please contact me using the contact form here on the website.

Give YOURSELF the gift of knowing.

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