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The Importance of Saying No

By October 28, 2021December 3rd, 2022Caring Truth-Teller, Coaching

As I learn to set better boundaries and focus on self-care before I put on my cape to help others save the world — I’ve been learning the importance of saying no

I once had a friend remind me, “no” is a complete sentence. In my reading, daily meditation, and podcasts — saying no is a message that keeps showing up and I thought some of you might find my musings helpful:

The benches and view I discovered when I said no:
The Importance of Saying No

Here’s the podcast I was listening to on my walk. The topic, of course, is about saying no and features world champion Olympic athletes Simone Biles and Lori Hernandez.


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  • Laurie Menzel says:

    Thank you for the great reminder of the freedom to just say “no” and not feel guilty. You never know what the “no” will allow to happen.

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