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Create Our Future

Here we go! It’s time to create our future.

At the start of each new year, I always feel as though I’m starting with a fresh clean sheet of paper. We (hopefully) haven’t yet been tossed around by external forces to mess that paper up. My wish for us all is that this week we are all still in those early moments of possibility and positivity for the year ahead.

After one of THE most difficult years of my life — this year I’m committed to staying in possibility and positivity no matter what.

And so, for me that means:

  • Daily meditation and exercise
  • Eating a mainly plant-based diet — that includes a daily dose of dark chocolate!
  • Getting outdoors regularly — which is not as easy as it sounds living in Minnesota
  • Spending time with people who make me laugh and cause me to think outside the box
  • Most importantly for me: scheduling and taking self-care time every day.

It’s taken me years to realize that we have choices about how we react and choices about which big or small actions we take to create our future.

So, my question for you as we enter this fresh new year: what do you choose today?

My advice: don’t overwhelm yourself with the entire year or even the week or month. Just focus on today or even this hour.

Be gentle and kind to yourself first. The rest will still be there AFTER you’ve handled your most important activity of taking care of yourself.

“The future depends on what you do today.” Mahatma Gandhi

Feel free to leave me a message below to let me know how you’ll be creating your 2022 future.

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  • Susan says:

    Hello Lori! Happy New Year!!
    I plan to do the same things you listed for self care. I already do meditation/yoga but not daily and I do eat a plant based diet – including the dark chocolate. I love being outdoors too and try to spend time with people who make me laugh and cause me to think outside the box although lately it has been hard due to COVID.
    Scheduling and taking self-care time every day will be my biggest hurdle since I incorporate all these things in my life already- and that is all a form of self care – but it is the Every Day part that is the challenge. Some days I will have to push myself because it becomes easy to feel down in this crazy world we are living in.
    Thank you for sharing!

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