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Take a Break

By December 19, 2012April 25th, 2014Coaching, Withisms

I came across a post about taking a break on the Fundraisin’ is fun blog site as I was working to inspire myself into writing this week’s blog post.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m finding I’m ready for a break after a very busy 2012 and an especially busy fall. I’m grateful to Ephraim for the reminder that I, too, can take a break. Click here to read the full post.


When I read Ephraim’s post it was as if he had written the words I was thinking. From his post:
“When I first started on Twitter I panicked and assumed I had missed some crucial information, a tweet that I NEEDED to see. So as soon as I could, I logged on and went as far back in my stream as possible. Yup- I was just a wee bit addicted.

It took some time but I came to learn that I can’t see every tweet and so if I missed something- life goes on. . .

The constant grind of wanting to suck in as much information as we can, the need to read and react, our compulsion to know what our friends are doing every minute of the day…we could ALL use a mini-vacay. I know that some people don’t sit on social media all day- but time away from the monitor would benefit everyone.

Across the country as we deal with the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy we may find ourselves spending more time than usual sorting through our feelings using social media. Today we can grieve, share information, and send condolences with a few key strokes. While technology is amazing and allows unprecedented speed to our communication, there still may be some value in taking a break from it all so the healing can begin.   

I plan to “unplug” myself from all that is social media for some of the time in the final week of the year. I’ll spend time with family, read, get some projects done I’ve been longing to do, and most importantly I’ll spend some time planning for next year…all without tweeting, liking, sharing, pinning, posting, messaging, commenting, plus oneing, and so on. 

I do admit I’m a little nervous about what I’ll miss and at the same time I look forward to the break!

Will you join me?


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