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Making Things Work Right Now

By April 29, 2020September 18th, 2020Coaching, COVID-19 Fundraising, Fundraising

I won’t lie. I’ve had to dig deep lately to find good news & to feel support while living alone. If you’re feeling the same, there IS good news out there. Consider me YOUR support person today. I’ve gathered some resources for making things work as you go through your day.

People ARE giving. A lot. Listen to this webinar replay about How the Coronavirus has Impacted Donor Attitudes on Giving. There’s good news here. A shout out of thanks to the folks at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference for hosting the webinar.

Tons of resources for nonprofits have sprouted up over the past 6 weeks. These pages are being updated regularly:

Bloomerang’s Covid-19 page includes a handful of excellent case studies.

AFP Global also has a helpful list of resources.

National Council of Nonprofits includes state by state info.

Actor John Krasinski is making things work. He’s gathering good news from around the globe and posting it weekly on YouTube. Be sure to start with episode 1 so you can see the progression of SomeGoodNews.

Volunteers of America Northern California & Northern Nevada will send you a daily text message of hope & inspiration.

Especially now, edginess can be a nonprofit strength. You’ll want to read this thorough post from the very smart Claire Axelrod.

And from my own tool chest: ask the simple question posed in the short video below – at the start or end of meetings – at the start or end of your day – with colleagues – with your family.

It helps. I know. I’m asking this question myself, daily.

This is just a fraction of the resources out there. Let me know what you’re reading & viewing & doing that your’e finding helpful.

Be well.

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