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Plan Your Way to Skyrocketing Past Your Nonprofit Fundraising Goals

By January 6, 2016June 6th, 2016Fundraising, Fundraising Training

Triple Your Income at Fundraising eventsWhat are you committed to this year?

Working smarter?

Raising more money?

Engaging your board to take some important development tasks off your shoulders?

If you have a job as a fundraiser or you are the Executive Director of a nonprofit then you know how important it is to raise all the money you need to run your organization.

Being a fundraising professional means you are ALWAYS looking for ways to raise more while keeping the donors you already have. But many in our sector were not trained in what it takes to reach or exceed our goals each year.

Maybe you were the program officer and you’ve risen to top position at your organization?
Learn Successful Fundraising

Or maybe you were hired as a part-time development coordinator and now lead your fundraising team?

And most importantly, no matter what your title is, you simply have not had time to put pen to paper (or hands to the keyboard!) and figure out what it will take to meet or exceed your fundraising goals this year?

I am here to help.

And I’m committed to your success.

I know exactly what it takes to draft or update your fundraising plan because I’ve done it myself when I was an Executive Director and Development Director. And I’ve personally taught other people how to create a plan that doesn’t just work. It rocks!
Increase annual fundraising by 40%

What if I told you a new report shows that creating a fundraising plan is THE key if you want to increase your fundraising from individual donors?
Get Priceless Fundraising Tools
Heather Yandow says on Stanford Social Review on December 1, 2015: “the nonprofits I studied that were most successful took the time to create a written plan; they didn’t simply react to fundraising opportunities as they arose.” Click here to read the full article and get a link to the report.

What I know for sure, having an annual fundraising plan in place [a list of goals, or a calendar of events, or a more detailed plan] helps you:

  • Engage your board
  • Raise awareness
  • Raise more money

Once or twice a year I deliver a fast, fun and thought-provoking Fundraising Boot Camp webinar series for a very small group of nonprofit organizations.  Want to see one of the tools we use in Fundraising Boot Camp? Download the Sample Timeline for New Donor Retention.

Please: ONLY contact me if you are totally committed to reaching or exceeding your fundraising and communication goals this year.


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