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7 Key Questions to Answer Before You Ask for A Major Gift

By February 22, 2017March 7th, 2017Fundraising, Fundraising Training

It might sound too simplistic, but it’s true. When asking for a major gift for your nonprofit: Only ask the people who want to say yes.

Nonprofit Major Gift

By making this your practice you’ll be compelled to spend time focused on getting to know who IS ready to say yes.

While it’s ideal to have your prospect ask YOU, “How can I help?” or “What else do you need?” they can only do that when you spend time with them.

Here’s a list of questions to share with staff and board members who embark on securing larger gifts. Add to it and keep it handy on your desk matched to each of your donor profiles.

7 Key Questions to Answer Before You Ask for A Major Gift

  1. How do you know they are ready?
  2. Specifically what will be asked for?
  3. Does the donor have a clear understanding of the impact for one person for the gift you are inviting?
  4. What concerns might the donor have about saying “yes”?
  5. WHY would the donor say “yes”?
  6. Who will be asking?
  7. Where will the ask take place?

A bonus question that you hopefully have already answered:
In what ways has the donor or prospect already shown support of your organization?

Listen to the replay from the March 1 free webinar with major gifts guru Amy Eisenstein: 3 Secrets to Major Gifts You Can’t Survive Without

In the webinar, Amy shared the three secrets,  answered a ton of questions, and shared her sought after metrics worksheet to guarantee the best outcomes for your major gift efforts.

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