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Self-Care Can’t Wait


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It used to be a badge of honor to talk about how busy I was. Or so I thought. What I’ve realized after the past year that included abrupt and major changes in my life is: self-care can’t wait.

And so, I’ve embarked on a journey of learning the answers to some important questions:

  • Why do I often treat others better than I treat myself?
  • Why does the personal time I had scheduled on my calendar get moved or canceled so easily?
  • How can I feel more energized and enjoy what is a pretty terrific life vs. feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed or anxious?

My answers to those questions would take too long to share here. But I’ve realized that I’m not alone in seeking the answers.

For me, it’s been nearly 3 months discerning my own answers to the questions listed above. Today, I feel stronger than I’ve felt in, well, ever.

My focus has been to set better boundaries so my chosen self-care activities become habits. 

Which leads me to today. A list of a few resources I’ve been using to take better care of myself. I hope you find them useful. And, if you are already using any of these, I’d love to hear how it’s going.


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  • Summer Sister Series on The Gifts of Imperfection – A six-part podcast by Brené Brown and her sisters. I’ve been experiencing this with a group of gal friends from across the U.S. It’s been helpful to realize how many of us are on similar journeys to authentic and healthy lives.
  • We Can Do Hard Things – A deeply personal and powerful podcast from Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed.


  • Daily meditation.
  • Most days I get some exercise.
  • I’ve been protective of getting ample sleep.
  • Eating lots more vegetables & unprocessed food.
  • Frequent journaling.
  • Listening to Paraliminals from Paul R. Scheele.
  • Taking the Wholehearted Inventory to assess my strengths and opportunities for growth. This is a confidential tool Brené Brown created and whoa is it an eye-opener!


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  • Thank you!!! I am a UM clergy who came along when the leadership in our denomination praised and supported the lack of self-care. Now that I have transitioned into fundraising for an agency for our denomination, I am so glad to see they are taking the opposite approach and highly encouraging self-care. Just had annual evaluation and they questioned me on my self-care not only as we experience the stress of Covid, but in life in general. It is so refreshing. I have really struggled with feeling “good” about taking time for self-care. But, I’m getting there. So many years of burning the candle at both ends and now taking time for me. It has deepened my relationship with my wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchild. My energy and creativity is like when I was 30 again!!! Tough subject and so needed to be highlighted. I look forward to experiencing some of your suggestions. Have a blessed day!!

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