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Part II: Overwhelm and Nonprofit Management – Guilt

By September 19, 2018June 10th, 2019Coaching

How is it possible to feel overwhelmed and guilt about how much we work AND feel guilt about not doing enough?
It's common to have nonprofit management guilt
Who knew nonprofit management would entail such overwhelming feelings of guilt:

• About what we said in “that” tone of voice

• About what we did or didn’t do with our time, money, exercise routine, self-care, management of our organization

• And, of course, the parenting guilt

There are lists of actions and posts identifying what to do to stop feeling guilty. And lists to read that might induce more feelings of guilt.

I’ve decided to share my own secret way to feel less guilt.

When that tightness in my chest and the cringe of guilt creeps in I do my darndest to ask myself:

1. Is there any action I can take to feel less guilt?

2. Am I willing to take that action and move on?

3. How long do I plan to mentally berate myself and allow the guilty feeling to linger?

4. And finally, what is working right now?

I have this quick internal conversation at meetings, when alone, and at the end of the day when I think I should work a little longer to get one more thing done.

Choosing a next action is key.Allow Nonprofit Management guilt to dissipate

Don’t underestimate how powerful self-forgiveness can be in allowing guilt the opportunity to dissipate.

Over the years I’ve learned that feelings of guilt, when examined and moved past, encourage me to have empathy for myself and others.

Returning to what’s working can be the most powerful action you can take to move past the guilt.

Today what’s working for me:
I work with three awesome superheroes (Jodi, Matt & Teri) who make me look good!


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