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Mid-Term Elections and Mindset

By November 7, 2018Coaching

What’s your mindset today?

As I write this post, we don’t yet know the results of the mid-term elections. Nor do I know what our mindset will be today. Some options:

• Fear

• Joy

• Uncertainty

• Relief


No matter what, we have a choice in how we react to elections.

And we have a choice when a curve-ball shows up at work or in our personal lives.

As fundraising professionals it’s always good to remember we get to choose our mindset. Which may, in fact, change from day to day.

This powerful image, created by Reid Wilson of Wayfaring Path, is for elementary students. But I’m certain is applies to me, and possibly you, as well.
What's Your Mindset

Take a look. Take a read.

Growth Mindset

I can learn anything I want to.

When I’m frustrated, I persevere.

I want to challenge myself.

When I fail, I learn.

Tell me I try hard.

If you succeed, I’m inspired.

My effort and attitude determine everything.

Fixed Mindset

I’m good at it, or I’m not.

When I’m frustrated, I give up.

I don’t like to be challenged.

When I fail, I’m no good.

Tell me I’m smart.

If you succeed, I feel threatened.

My abilities determine everything


Choose your mindset. After all, what you think about impacts your fundraising results.

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