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What to Say to Meet Your Annual Fundraising Goal

By March 11, 2020March 23rd, 2022Fundraising

Are you on track to meet your annual fundraising goal? Do you know exactly what you’ve raised at this point in the year?

reaching your annual fundraising goals

Do you talk about your “growth” budget with your board and your donors? Are you regularly sharing your vision for making a bigger impact — and what that will take financially?

OR are you basing your annual budget on a small increase over what you raised last year — because that’s all you think you can raise?

My Best Advice to Meet Your Annual Fundraising Goal

Base your fundraising goals on what it actually takes to do your work rather than what you think people will give.

Having a balanced budget throughout the year is key. I agree.

Equally important is helping your community understand there is more to do. And the “more to do” takes more resources. 

Your “money story” is the gap between where you are today in reaching your annual fundraising goals AND your visionary – forward thinking – fundraising goal – vs. the amount you’ve raised so far this year.

Annual funding gap messages and visionary fundraising goals kept private and hidden leave money on the table.

Two Parts to Finding Your Money Story for Your Nonprofit

Know the gap between where you are today in reaching your annual fundraising goals vs. what you’ve received from contributions, ticket sales, fees, government, United Way funding, etc.

Only share what’s in the door. Not, what is expected. By saying you “expect” to meet your goal you’re removing the urgency to give more NOW.


Know the gap between where you are in reaching your visionary fundraising goal AND what your annual budget is today.

If, to be effective, you must become a $1 million or $10 million or $100 million organization – share that vision regularly.

Calculate your visionary fundraising goal by answering these questions:

• How many people do we say no to?

• Where are cutting to the bone to keep our spending down?

• What should we be doing more of and why?

• And what will all of this cost?

Make sharing your money story interesting and easy to understand. Talking about numbers and money feels boring if your message doesn’t inspire.

The very best way to inspire is to include examples of what you can do more of to help real people + what it will take financially.

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