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Last Minute Ideas to Raise More at Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event

By May 11, 2016Fundraising

Spring nonprofit fundraising event season is in full swing. I’ve received invitations to wine tastings, silent auctions, breakfast, lunch and dinner events, golf events and even non-event events. You name the type of fundraising event we’re all being invited to them.

Whether you are in the final push before your annual fundraising event or planning an event for later this year there is no one who has better ideas to raise more money for your event than Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions.

Sherry is a superstar and has excellent tools and free resources. Recently, she invited me to talk with her about how many stories to include at a fundraising event. Check out her post to find out the answer.

Here in the Ignited Fundraising Fire Starters, Sherry gave us some advice about skipping the silent auction and putting your focus on fund a need. You can learn more about Sherry’s excellent Fund a Need resource on her site.

Watch the video here.

Watch the video here.

If you have little to no time to make any changes to your event, take a few minutes to watch this video from Sherry with 12 excellent tips for using social media to support your auction or any fundraising event.  These last minute ideas for using social media can make a significant impact to your event revenue.

The key, make sure it is fun for your guests at your event to participate in spreading the word about your important work AND how they much they are enjoying your event.



  • Hey Lori, what a treat to see my name pop up on your helpful blog! But I’ve got to admit … I’m sort of embarrassed by that video as it was one of my first. Argh!

    I’m guessing that the content resonated so I’ll cringe alone here in my office. 😉

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