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Is there opportunity to the financial crisis?

By January 5, 2009March 30th, 2014Fundraising, Withisms

I believe we can use this challenging time to shift awareness for ourselves and others. We have an incredible opportunity to deeply look at our relationship with money and with philanthropy and to help our donors stay connected to their philanthropic actions from the past.

So, how to make this time we are experiencing into an opportunity? Here are a few simple tips.

  • First: Keep close to your donors right now and let them know how things are going with your budget and your fundraising goals for the year. That means phoning, taking them to coffee, or inviting them in to a tour of your facility. Be sure to acknowledge them for their previous gift and keep them “in the loop” about costs and financial issues you are dealing with as an organization.
  • Second: Continue to share the “good news” about how your programs and services ARE working.
  • Third: Keep the faces and stories of those you serve visible so donors remember why they gave in the first place.
  • And most important: Keep yourself out of the fear and scarcity mode of thinking. It is true things are very challenging right now. But no one wants to talk very long with someone who is deeply immersed in the sky is falling drama of all that is going wrong. Even if you don’t believe it, act like you know things will change. I promise you, things will change!
  • Don’t forget to continue to invite contributions!

For more tips and some hard facts about the economic crises join me on January 28, 2009 for a two hour mini-fundraising workshop about raising funds in challenging time.

Find a donor to call and thank and talk with today!



  • tlzonker says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am loving reconnecting with my donors.

  • mary d 23 says:

    this is such helpful, concrete advice, thank you
    I think that some non-profits may be using the ECONOMY as a slightly better excuse (than the gala or silent auction) for WHY they are not and can not currently raise money. Using YOUR ideas- we could actually use these times as an opportunity to run our organizations more effectively (leaner; more productive; more accountable) and actually TALK to our donors-even ask for their advice on some of these issues and really LISTEN to them!! thank you, Lori for your insightful words!!!

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