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Influential Executive Director Series — Year-Long Coaching With Lori

By October 24, 2019November 25th, 2020Coaching

Are YOU an influential executive director? Some days, yes…some days, not so much, right?

Do you work your butt off every day and still feel like you’re not making an impact?

Have you been told you don’t have what it takes to accomplish your goals?

Let’s harness your talents and sharpen your leadership skills.

If you’ve ever felt held back because you didn’t know the first next step, this is for you:

It takes fierce determination to be a world class athlete OR executive director. Don’t take my word for it. Read Ali’s story.

Executive Director Ali wanted more.

Ali was hungry for advice on how to inspire larger contributions. Less than 3% of her $2.2 million annual budget came from individual donors
Ali's Story for the Influential Executive Director Series
She felt there was more she could do to inspire her board and staff to be more focused and deliver on their promises. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time for one-on-one meetings to support everyone.

Ali reached out to Lori at Ignited Fundraising because as she described it, “We’re one of the best kept secrets in Waterloo. If more people knew about the incredible impact of our work, I just know they’d want to support us.”

It was January when Executive Director Ali and her team began work with Lori.

Over the course of the next 18 months, regular “caring truth-teller” meetings focused on recognizing what was working well; what hidden barriers were holding them back; and where they were using uninspiring communication.

While Ali and her team are smart and action-oriented they needed and wanted a rudder to keep them focused.

Honestly, Ali would say hearing the truth from Lori was challenging at times.

It was also effective. Time spent together helped them to craft & practice powerful messages, establish new systems & practices, and raise more money than they ever dreamed possible.
Their hard work resulted in real results:

• From 0 to more than 30 donors at $1000+

• Unsolicited gifts of $987, $150,000, and recently a three-year $1.6 million gift!

• Board & staff are even more active and engaged.

• Community awareness has grown exponentially.

I’m beyond excited to launch the Influential Executive Director Series — the culmination of more than 30 years of my work. The Series was designed for smart, busy people exactly like you. It takes the guess work out of wondering when you’ll have time to plan for big growth. We’ll do it… together!

Remember, world class athletes use a coach to get them where they need to go. Learn more about the support you deserve — download series details here.

Fill out this application to apply for one of the eight executive directors slots. The first 90-day intensive kicks off January 23 & 24, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN.

As a nonprofit executive director, this could be the most important decision you’ll make for yourself and your organization.

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