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A Good Story is Data with a Soul

By February 12, 2020Storytelling

A Good Story is Data with a Soul

Let’s build on last week’s 5 essential storytelling secrets by remembering a good story is data with a soul.

Finding Your Money Story for Your Nonprofit
Your “money story” is the gap between where you are today in reaching your annual fundraising goals AND your visionary – forward thinking – fundraising goal – vs. the amount you’ve raised so far this year. Read more >>

What happens when you spend time with the right person who knows what it takes to raise unbelievable amounts of money?

Even 3 Year Olds Understand the Power of Storytelling
Take advice from Lennon: Share a story…not long lists of facts with your donors. Especially if you want them to give again. Read more >>

What Does it Mean to Use Storytelling in Your Fundraising?

Fine-tune your storytelling with a master storyteller.

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