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5 Essential Storytelling Secrets

By February 5, 2020Storytelling

5 Essential Storytelling Secrets

5 Essential Storytelling Secrets to make your stories standout:

1. Make your story about one person.
Storytelling Secrets #1 Make it About One Person
Stories told in a way that connects listeners or readers to a single person is what allows others to see themselves in your story AND your mission.

2. When telling a story out loud, shorter is better.
Storytelling Secrets #2 Shorter is Better
Cause the listener or reader to want to know the ending. . . and more! Sharing a short, powerful example of your work will cause others to ask you a question about the person you are talking about.

3. Share exact results AND transformations for the person in your story.
Storytelling Secrets
Share things you can measure – about one person’s experience with you. e.g. learned the basics of how to be a health care worker and what that led to e.g. Feels capable, strong, or smart.

4. Clearly define the conflict. The conflict is the oxygen in your story.
Clearly define the conflict
There is always a villain of some sort. That villain may be that some families don’t have the means to have books at home to help prepare their child for school. Or the villain might be the lack of awareness for the importance of early childhood education.

5. Include emotionally engaging words.
emotionally engaging words
When we pause and choose inspiring and inviting language that engages our supporters we open up opportunities for deeper connections and bigger actions.

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