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Even 3 Year Olds Understand the Power of Storytelling

By June 26, 2019Storytelling

After spending precious time with grandchildren lately, I was reminded that even three year olds understand the power of storytelling.
even three year olds understand the power of storytelling
Driving to and from daycare takes anywhere from 40 to 75 minutes depending on traffic. Grandson Lennon sits patiently in his car seat, but to pass the time he’ll say, “Lala, tell me a story.”

My job, then, is to craft a story so interesting and magical that he listens intently.

I know I have missed the mark when he interrupts or gets distracted. OR he asks me to tell a different story.

Notice he doesn’t say, “Lala, tell me some facts.”

Lennon is asking to be entertained and emotionally engaged as we make the long drive. The story deepens our relationship. It’s a special time together that causes giggles and expressions of surprise and wonder.

It’s emotion that drives behavior.

So, take some advice from Lennon: Don’t share long lists of facts with your donors. Especially if you want them to give again.

Imagine they are simply asking you: “tell me a story.”

Share More Stories. Raise More Money.

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