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Fundraising In Challenging Times

By January 26, 2009September 16th, 2014Fundraising, Withisms

This week, on Wednesday morning, January 28, I’ll be delivering a two hour mini-fundraising session about raising funds from individual donors in these challenging economic times. This session is an opportunity to be with others who are feeling the suffering and challenges around fundraising. And gain some insights or new ideas about how to make it through the coming months.

The session is in Minneapolis, MN, and is available to be brought to your city. For more information on Wednesday’s session, check out the new calendar on this site!

Some of what will be covered at the mini-workshop is stated beautifully in Lynne Twist’s new video titled, “The Opportunity within the Economic Crises.” Lynne has been an instrumental in shaping my own views about money and fundraising. I encourage you to view this powerful new video.

I, like Lynne, feel honored to be living in this important time. There are many things going on that can be scary and challenging, but this time we are experiencing is stripping away that which is not sustainable. We are shedding what is not viable and moving into a time when there is a more accurate and truthful relationship with the resources of the planet, especially our money.

As you make choices in your day to talk with donors, engage others in philanthropy and invite them to more deeply serve the community, please remember that this recalibration we are experiencing is something to watch, listen to, discuss together and identify the lessons we are learning from it.


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