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The Fundraisers Paradox – Updated for Coronavirus

By May 20, 2020April 21st, 2022Fundraising

Until the end of time we, in the nonprofit sector, live in the fundraisers paradox. That place of what we feel we need to tell our donors and what our donors want to hear from us.

The brilliant folks at bluefrog Fundraising in the UK have updated The Fundraisers Paradox graphic for the pandemic. Use this to help you craft messages that your donors will read and act on:

fundraisers paradox

Three important takeaways:

1. Focus on what donors want to hear. How is your work relevant to your beneficiaries?

2. Show how you are innovating. How are you keeping your front line staff safe?

3. Show your donors they are valued. Tell them how you are using the gifts they are making.

The Fundraisers Paradox updated graphic is based on the ongoing donor study conducted by bluefrog Fundraising since the pandemic began.

It includes good news: donors are still giving. Even to nonprofits that aren’t on the front lines.

I’m seeing similar activity here in the U.S.

Images from the new donor attitudes webcast report with Mark Phillips and Amber Nathan.

Making charitable contributions is a way we are dealing with the helplessness we are feeling. When we give to our favorite organization, no matter the mission, we feel as though we are a part of the solution. Especially if the organization has been clear about how the pandemic is affecting their staff, program delivery, and their beneficiaries.

The bottom line: Don’t stop inviting your community to support you right now. Your work is too important.


  • Every business and family is facing significant disruptions right now, so giving a break to our selves and take the time as you plan your next steps for fundraising strategies. Thank you for providing the fundraisers Paradox graphic for the pandemic. This is very helpful for us.

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