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Engagement Fundraising – How to Raise More Money for Less in the 21st Century

By August 22, 2018August 23rd, 2018Fundraising

It’s not often I take an entire blog post to talk about someone else’s “stuff.” When I read this new book by Greg Warner from MarketSmart, I decided it’s juicy enough to devote more than a single line or two mention.

I always love seeing what Greg and his team at MarketSmart cook up. They have fun graphics and share no-nonsense advice about how to keep donors doing what you want them to do. Now that I’ve read his book, I understand why his graphics always catch my eye. He has an advertising background and truly understands the importance of visuals.

Greg and I are in agreement that we are in a new world of giving. In the 21st century we have more than ample opportunities to reach donors.

But, if we forget the main reason donors give is to feel good, we are missing the point of asking.
Engagement Fundraising is about making donors feel good
Our job is to help donors feel good, or better yet, great. Making certain they’ll stick around — increasing your donor retention – they put your organization into their planned giving plans – and become the best ambassadors you can imagine.

Engagement Fundraising stories can make you laugh and cryThe book is chock full of stories that will make you smile, laugh, or possibly cringe. I especially love Sharon’s Donor Journey on page 89. The story takes us through Sharon’s journey as a 79 year-old long-time donor who moves through the stages of having an interest in making a planned gift, to taking action and making the gift.

It’s a journey that requires a bit of planning on behalf of the nonprofit organization. It requires using a donor database to its fullest potential. And it requires paying attention to the data being collected.

The best part of this story is that it is a simple process once time has been put in to maintain engagement and interest. The truth is, here at Ignited Fundraising, we need to use some of what Greg outlines about donor engagement for our own community.

If you like what you read in the book check out the Engagement Fundraising podcast. You’ll hear more to help you become more efficient and effective generating more major and legacy gifts.

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