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Don’t Say We’ve Met Our Funding Goal

By March 30, 2020July 12th, 2020Coaching

When you’re asked how you’re doing with your fundraising please don’t say, “we’ve met our funding goal.”



• You have all the staff, space, and financial reserves your mission requires.

• You have no waiting list for your programs.

• You have a solid endowment & planned giving program.

• You have an employer match for your 403b retirement program for staff.

• You have an excellent salary & full benefits package for your hard-working staff.

What to say when you’re asked about your fundraising goal?

In a recent one-on-one coaching session with Colleen Smith, Development Director at CASA NW Arkansas we addressed this exact topic.

Take a listen to recommended language and coaching for how to talk about your annual fundraising goal:

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