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I’m Tired of Hearing You Don’t Have Enough Money

By May 18, 2016April 2nd, 2018Fundraising, Fundraising Training

What feels impossible for your organization this year: Reaching your fundraising goals? Filling all the seats at your event? Having your board do things that will help you raise more money?

Watch this video clip from Cameron Herold, world renowned speaker who asks the kind of questions I ask my clients, and then tell me what your organization’s barriers really are to your success.

He believes, as I do that, “Culture trumps strategy, every time.”

What is the culture at your nonprofit? You create your own culture with your answers to these questions:

  • What are you doing (or not doing) that stack barrier after barrier in your own path to reaching your program and fundraising goals?
  • Does your organization have a clear vision for growth this year? Next year? Three years out?
  • Do you recruit board members with these two questions in mind:
    1. What are the three top things this board must accomplish this year?
    2. Do we have the right people on the board to accomplish those things?
  • Have you outlined your strengths as staff leaders? As an organization?
  • Have you identified your most significant support? It may not be people who give the most.

In the past month I’ve talked more than 100 nonprofit fundraising professionals who wanted advice about how to raise more money. 

Tired of Hearing Your Nonprofit Doesn't Have Enough Money

Only 4 of them worked at a nonprofit organization with a fundraising plan.

None of the people I talked to had a plan that included a vision for growth and a board that supported their fund development efforts. Most of the people I spoke with were resigned to barely or not reaching their fundraising goals this year.

I happen to know the very best way to increase your individual fundraising is to have a PLAN. That’s not just my hunch. It’s research based knowledge. 

I’m tired of hearing you don’t have enough money.  It saddens and frustrates me to hear your struggles and fear. I am committed to do more to help you raise the money you needBut you have to make a decision: How much longer are you willing to struggle? How much longer will you wait to do the right thing: make a plan to succeed.

If crafting an annual fundraising plan has fallen off your to do list: let’s talk.

I have a 4 session, 6-hour Fundraising Boot Camp. I’ll challenge you, teach you, get you focused on your strengths, get you digging into your donor data and then you will make a fundraising plan for exactly what to do next. Click here to download the details.

As Cameron Herold says: Conceive, Believe & Achieve. Together we’ll will make sure you do just that.

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