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Blow Past Your Fundraising Goals

Free Fundraising Webinar April 20

The past few weeks have been super windy where ever I go: Minneapolis, Lincoln, NE, Dubuque, IA.   The windy weather is reminding about the case study examples and tools I’ll share with you on April 20th to help you blow past your fundraising goal this year.

If raising MORE money this year matters to you; if making changes to your fundraising tactics is something you are willing to commit to;

join me for a FREE webinar training on April 20th: Fundraising Tools to Raise $300 Million. And Counting.

Reserve your spot now, I’ve got limited spots available.

What will I cover? I’m NOT selling anything. I promise!

I recorded a short video (less than 90 seconds) to tell you about the webinar and what I’ll cover on April 20th. You can also watch the video YouTube.

[su_box title=”Blow Past Your Fundraising Goals!” box_color=”#413555″ title_color=”#efefef” radius=”5″]If raising MORE money this year matters to you:
1. Reserve your spot now for this free webinar (space is limited.)
2. Put this on your calendar: 11 a.m. (Central) April 20th and learn what makes a nonprofit organization successful in their fundraising.[/su_box]


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