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Ask for Big Gifts Before Year-End

[two_third]We are deep in the fall fundraising frenzy which means I’m spending a lot of time helping organizations who are asking for money right now.

In my experience I watch the staff at many organizations spend much of their energy getting ready to talk to people about their financial support rather than doing the work of having meaningful conversations with their supporters and asking for big gifts.

Think about it, how much time have you spent this past week on copy for your event invitation, campaign brochure, or your appeal letter? While these are important tasks, I would much rather see you spend equal or more time on the phone or visiting in-person with your long-time or new supporters about why they gave in the first place. Or inviting them to make a $1000, $5000 or larger gift.

I’d like to think I have the power to remove your fears or hesitancy about talking to and asking your supporters for a financial gift, in person. [Insert my smile here!] [/two_third]

Guest Speaker: Brian Saber, Asking Matters

When: 11 a.m. (Central) Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

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And so…

To help dispel your fears I’ve invited my friend, Brian Saber CEO of Asking Matters, to join me for an unscripted hour of conversation and coaching for my Ignited Fundraising Community. On the November 20th webinar Brian and I will answer all your questions about asking for money. You know, those dreaded in-person asks.

Because I know face-to-face asking causes lots of anxiety for so many people, and because this is a topic I’m passionate about, I’ve opened up this webinar to everyone, not just members of the Ignited Fundraising Community.  Join Brian & me on November 20th to get yourself ready to ask for some big gifts before year-end!

Whether you can join us live or not, here are a few posts from my archives to get you in the “mood” for asking for that one big gift that takes you to a solid finish line to reach your 2014 fundraising goals:

Additional asking resources:


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