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6 Tips For Sharing Your Money Story with Ease & Authenticity

The ironic thing about sharing your money story is, the more you talk about money, the more money you will raise. To help you get over any apprehension you might have when talking about money, here’s 6 tips for sharing your money story story with ease and authenticity.

Tips for Sharing Your Money Story

1. Make it Visual

As with most stories, adding visuals brings your money story to life. Infographics make it simple to specifically highlight the impact of annual gifts, to show your donors how far their dollar goes. An image is especially helpful when staff and board members feel uncomfortable talking about money. Your image can do the talking for them.

2. Tell the Truth

Don’t be afraid to tell your supporters about the exact dollar amount you are raising and why. You have a specific amount of money you’re looking to raise each year, don’t be afraid to talk about the specifics! Share “what it takes” to do your important work. Invite them to ask questions about your costs so they become a larger part of the conversation.

3. Share Funding Updates Regularly

If there’s been a change in funding streams, share that information with your supporters. Don’t expect your community to know that you need them to give more regularly if they don’t know what’s happening on your end. Be transparent if you lose a large contract, grant, or canceled a fee-based event. You’ll be surprised how supportive they’ll be.

4. Create Mini-Campaigns Throughout the Year

Sometimes annual fundraising goals can be daunting. It’s helpful to create multiple mini-campaigns throughout your fundraising year. Sharing bite-sized moments in time helps close your annual funding gap. Knowing and sharing your money story all year long is a tool to inspire leadership and donors to help reach these more manageable money milestones. Spreading your mini-campaigns out all year takes away the anxiety of reaching your annual goal at year-end.

5. Framing the Message is Key

The way you share your money story is just as important as the topic of your story. A message about what money makes possible is inspiring. It’s not a message about how “badly” your organization is doing or how much you need help. It is a message about what money makes possible that inspires. Share what can be done together to allow your supporters to fulfill their own aspirations and increase their impact.

6. Fill in the Gaps

By sharing “what’s missing” you provide an opportunity for supporters to fill in the gaps and make a difference. By sharing the gaps between known sources of funding and what it actually takes to deliver your quality services and programs, your community learns how they can increase their own impact. This will make it easier to invite monthly or multi-year gifts.are “what it takes” to do your important work. Invite them to ask questions about your costs so they become a larger part of the conversation.

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