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5 Important Questions for a Memorable Asking Experience

By October 16, 2019December 10th, 2019Fundraising

Fundraising fulfills the aspirations of our supporters. Asking for the gift, then, must create a memorable asking experience.

What is Fundraising? It fulfills the aspirations of our supporters.Before you ask for a contribution by mail, text, email, or in person ask these 5 important questions:

1. How are we causing people to feel with this invitation?

2. Will this feel like an special invitation or an expectation?

3. What are we sharing about why this gift will make an impact?

4. Are we being clear about what it takes to make this impact?

5. How warm and speedy will our thanking be?

Once you’ve answered these five questions AND you are satisfied you’re creating a memorable asking experience – NOW you’re ready to make the ask.

Making your case for support in the 21st century IS and should be different. Learn how to make your case stand out October 17 at my Grant Station webinar: Creating A Powerful Case for Support.

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