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Welcome to the new!

By November 1, 2008March 30th, 2014Communication, Withisms

I’m launching my new website and a blog to create more resources for fundraising professionals. I’m psyched about the possibilities! I often hear tidbits of information that I’d like to share with you, but there isn’t always time to send out an eNewsletter. So, I’ll use this blog to update you on some of the great things I’m hearing and soon you’ll have access to comment on these posts.

Two telling conversations from today:

  • I heard from a development director who was talking about how worried he is that their donors will give less. The organization has not done a great job of staying in touch with donors this year to let them know what is needed and already contributions are less than in past years.
  • The next conversation I had was with the CEO of an organization that had just last week received a gift in the 5 figures from a banking professional who realized that their work is exactly the kind of work he trusts. He had been to their website and been kept in the loop about what their vision is for the future…and he was excited to see that his gift would really make a difference.

Moral to these two short examples: while we don’t know what giving will end up like this year, when you are clear about the difference you are making in all of your communication (web, print, voice to voice) and you are clear about what you could do with more resources, resources will show up.

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