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Successful Nonprofit Communication

By September 11, 2019Communication

Successful nonprofit communication must generate action.

Are you certain your communication is cutting through daily noise?  Speeches, blog posts, website copy, social media posts and grant proposals should ALL educate, inspire and cause people to take action.

The very best way to create successful nonprofit communication is to focus on messages and actions that cause your staff and board to:

1. Really know your key supporters.  Take their photo. Learn their names. Go talk to them at your events.

2. Share clear messages. What’s your money story? How many more volunteers are needed? What is the story of one person lives a better life because you exist?

3. Hold yourself & others accountable. Keep track of who said they’d do what; measure your activity: # of thank you calls made each month; # of doors opened by the board; 100% board financial giving; # of new guests staff and board invite to events, and so on.

4. Continually invite participation.  Invite others to help with donor stewardship activities; invite donors to bring guests to events; make it fun to attend, help, give advice.

Simple Communication Success Factors

Download the Simple Communication Success Factors PDF here.