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Successful Fundraising: Step 4 – Create Urgency

It’s time for a reminder about why we should create urgency in nonprofit fundraising. In my free ebook I outline Nine Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign. Step 4 is especially important in your year-end appeals.

Step 4: Goals, Timelines, and Urgency

Successful Fundraising
Your supporters have already begun receiving a tsunami of fundraising appeals by mail, email, social media, and in person. Make YOUR appeal stand out by being clear about fundraising goals, matching gifts and provide a specific timeline for responding.

Create a sense of urgency so people respond quickly.

Appeals that answer these questions WILL raise more money:

• Why should I give now? Today?

How much should I give?

• What will my gift allow ME (someone wanting to make a bigger impact) to DO?

• How does my gift (of an amount higher than your average gift) make a difference for one person?

Learn the other eight steps to ignite your fundraising: Download the FREE ebook Nine Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign.

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