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Strategies to Boost Donor Trust

By August 28, 2019August 26th, 2020Donor Engagement

Is your organization experiencing the side effects of the rapid decline of nonprofit donor trust? Causeview recently asked 7 fundraising experts to weigh in and share strategies to boost donor trust.

First we have to understand what’s causing the decline.

I believe one of the biggest contributors to the decline in donor trust is, in a word: Expectations.

Donors feel used when an organization expects them to give again vs. inspiring them to give again. There is no quicker way to turn off a donor than expecting they give again.

If your donors don’t feel great about what you’ve done with their previous contributions — because you haven’t reported back to them — there isn’t a reason to trust. And there is definitely no reason to give again.

Emotions drive behaviors. Donors who feel great about the authenticity and clarity of communication in between asks DO give again and their trust deepens.

I believe a relationship built on trust requires a firm belief in the reliability and truth of the work (or mission) and the use of funding.

boost donors trust

What inspires trust?

• Speaking the truth. Is there more to do? Explain WHY your work requires more resources of dollars, people and time.

• Putting a face on the impact of a donors’ gift, regularly.

• Sharing “what it takes” to deliver on that impact. Costs, numbers of staff and volunteers – tell what it truly takes. Don’t hold back. Tell the truth.

Visit Causeview to read the full post and learn more strategies from: Tony Martignetti, Tom Ahern, Larry C. Johnson, Bart Caylor, Amy Eisenstein, and Gail Perry.

Download the What Inspires Trust infographic here.