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How to Raise More Money: The Nonprofit MBA Podcast

By March 10, 2022April 27th, 2022Storytelling

How to Use Storytelling to Raise More Money.Podcasts are everywhere! I just got to talk about my favorite topic on the Nonprofit MBA Podcast. Stephen Halasnik, from Financing Solutions, invited me to chat about how to use storytelling to raise more money.

In our discussion, I shared four important steps of nonprofit storytelling.

  1. Start with Data Collection
  2. Share Authentic Stories
  3. Establish Relationships with Storytelling
  4. Tell Relevant Stories

Listen to the episode to get my coaching and advice to put these important steps into action.

Here’s what Stephen had to say about our discussion:
In today’s podcast, Lori L. Jacobwith from Ignited Fundraising and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions, a leading provider of business loans for nonprofits in the form of a line of credit, discuss how to use storytelling to maximize nonprofit funding. Organizations that have mastered the art of storytelling to project their cause to donors are getting more money to finance their mission effectively.

You can read the Executive Summary or Listen to the Podcast HERE: How to Use Storytelling to Raise More Money

For more details download a press release about this episode.

About Stephen Halasnik, The Nonprofit MBA Podcast and Financing Solutions
Stephen Halasnik is the Cofounder of Financing Solutions which is the leading provider of lines of credit for nonprofits. The credit line program for nonprofits & churches is fast, easy, inexpensive, and costs nothing to set up making it great when cash flow is temporarily down. Mr. Halasnik is also the host of the popular, The Nonprofit MBA Podcast. The podcast brings on experts to talk about fundraising, nonprofit grants, executive director leadership, nonprofit boards, and other important topics. You can learn more about the nonprofit line of credit program or call 862-207-4118.

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