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In the past week I’ve watched more pain, anger, and tragedy unfold across our country than I care to ever see again.

My heart aches. I’m sad and frustrated and not in the mood to talk about retaining donors or fundraising events today.

To create a peaceful existence I believe we have to show up differently. But make no mistake in thinking I’m talking to someone else. I’m talking to you. It is up to every single woman, man, and child to take different actions to start the healing process.

Will you please join me at your office or home, or both, to discuss what actions you will take to honor others and begin the necessary process of eliminating hatred in our country?

My action: I’m working in New Orleans for a few days giving me an opportunity to really pay attention to people who are different from me.

I’ve been asking questions, looking people in the eye, listening closely, and simply being kind to each person I cross paths with in my day.

My conversations have caused me to remember this important thought:

Image source Instagram: @conscious_collective

Image source Instagram: @conscious_collective

Finally, if you have not yet read it, please take the time to read this powerful article I posted on my Ignited Fundraising Facebook page over the weekend: Voices: How do I raise my black son in this America?

Peace. Please.


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