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Our Words Signal Our Intent

By March 13, 2013November 23rd, 2015Communication

Our goal is too big.

I’ll never get it all done.

Our board doesn’t do anything.


Do these phrases regularly show up in your organization? What if by simply changing the words you could change the outcome?

I believe you can.

The words we choose are the seeds to the outcome. When we frame our actions and intentions with positive statements rather than scarcity language, things change.

Start with these:
Our goal is too big. = What WILL IT TAKE to reach the goal?
I’ll never get it all done. = What CAN I get done today?
Our board doesn’t do anything. = Some of our board members are exceptional, here’s why: ______fill in the blank.

As Chris Brogan says, “Remove qualifiers like “trying to” and “planning to” and anything other than your commitment, and you’ll get even more power from this.”

Here are two more terrific resources may help you shift the lens you look through when you make language choices today:
The Power of Words – YouTube video I use often in my trainings.
Two Powerful Words – Withism’s Blog post from the archives.

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