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Nonprofit Resource: Social Media Platform Cheat Sheet

We’ve all learned social media is a powerful tool for marketing, communicating with your nonprofit donors and generally sharing with your community about who you are, what you’re up to, and how they can help.

At times, though, I find I’m not quite sure which tool does exactly what I need.  And then there’s the time and effort it takes to get right. If you are like me, one thing nonprofit staff and fundraising professionals don’t have a lot of it, it’s time to figure all this out.

When I saw this COOL social media cheat sheet on Media Bistro I had to share it. This infographic from 360i features eight of the most popular social media platforms and tells you who is using the platform, what kind of content does best on it, and what each platform can help you achieve. A handy resource, right?

Click to see full size.

Click to see full size.



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