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Mission Moment Monday – Regular Communication Equals More Money

By October 1, 2018May 8th, 2023Mission Moment Monday

Regular Communication Equals More MoneyIt’s Mission Moment Monday. I’ve got a story to share to remind you why regular communication equals more money.

As year-end giving season heats up ask yourself, have we done everything we could to ensure our supporters are ready to give at inspiring levels? Or do we simple expect them to give again because they’ve given before?

Regular Communication Equals More Money

What can happen when you aren’t communicating regularly:

• You’ll leave money on the table by only inspiring token contributions of support.

• You’ll turn off your supporters by begging for contributions to meet your year-end goals.

• Your communication will come from a place of scarcity rather than possibility and a look at “what is working well.”


Remember: Regularly inspire. Share examples of your donors’ impact all year long.

And for goodness sake, share what it takes to do your important work.

Need some help with how to get your Mission Moments into your regular communication? Download 20+ places to share your story at nonprofit events.

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