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Meet Change with Enthusiasm & Honesty

Whether you like it or not, we’re living in a world of constant change, and fundraising as we knew it has changed. Business as usual is simply is never going to be the same.
Meet Fundraising Change with Enthusiasm & Honesty
How are these challenges and changes affecting your organization? Your staff? Your donors? The people you serve?

As your organization deals with the changes imposed on you by the pandemic, a weak economy, and potentially sluggish contributions it is our responsibility to meet the changes with enthusiasm and honesty.

Don’t just send out the usual “ho-hum” updates about your work and the good things you are doing. Change it up! Here’s how:

Be creative in how you let donors and your entire community know what’s different.

Being clear with your community about what’s different is critical. They won’t know unless you tell them. It’s equally important to give updates about how you’re meeting the challenges and changes. Hold special “coffee with the CEO” virtual gatherings to update insiders and key donors about your money story.

Continue to define and articulate YOUR vision for the changed vision of the future.

Without honest updates, your community thinks you’re doing just fine. Which means they’ll go elsewhere to contribute. Use email, phone calls — ANY opportunity to share what’s different this year. Be a frank nonprofit leader. Your future may depend on it. For more on why, check out this excellent post from Mark Phillips on what donors need to stay giving to YOUR organization.

Embrace the changes and articulate how they are affecting you often this year.

Monthly updates vs. quarterly or annual.  Things are changing quickly. There’s too much we don’t know and memories are short. Keep your organization visible.

Keep your mission relevant

Please share heartfelt, real mission moment stories, that always include a call to action.

Be clear and visible with what it takes to fully fund your mission.

We’re in the fourth quarter of annual fundraising, folks. People give in the fourth quarter. A lot. If you are clear on how they can make a bigger impact.

It is the nonprofit organization that doesn’t embrace change that will be overlooked when donors are determining where their contributions will make a difference this year. Don’t be overlooked.

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