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It’s all about communication

By November 14, 2008March 30th, 2014Communication, Fundraising, Withisms

This week the “theme” has been worry and fear. Uncertainty about the economy has caused many of the people I spoke with to be concerned about year-end fundraising.

I understand the concern. We are certainly living in uncertain times. And for most organizations your services are needed now more than ever.

So rather than staying stuck in the fear and worry talk to your donors! Check in with key donors who will tell you how things are going. Ask questions about their giving during this time as an interested party not someone hungry for their money right this minute. When you get a special donor on the phone be sure to share:

  • What’s working
  • What’s missing
  • A short story

And by all means listen to them. What are they feeling? Remind the handful of donors you will call starting Monday why your organization is amazing and why more financial resources will make a difference.

And when should you start to do this? Now! And all year-long.

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