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Insights Into Donor Engagement Behavior

By December 5, 2012April 25th, 2014Donor Engagement, Reports

Recently Kivi Leroux Miller wrote a great post about the report from NTEN and CharityDynamics called “Nonprofit Donor Engagement Benchmark Study: Insights into Donor Engagement Behavior and Preferences.”

Kivi shared some fun facts from the report:

  • The vast number of people who give to charity give to multiple charities.
  • It pays to become a donor’s “favorite” charity, because individuals give 67% of their annual donations overall to their single favorite charity.
  • Donors report being involved with their favorite charity for five reasons…You’ll want to check out Kivi’s full post by clicking here.
  • It’s important to remember with or without the data from this report, donor engagement is evolving at a rapid rate. What used to work may not always and social media has changed the game forever.

    For me what is the most surprising, rather startling in the report is, “30% of donors reported being thanked immediately…and a significant number of donors (21%) reported they were never thanked.”


    WOW. I’m still reeling from that stat. Maybe because I’ve read so many posts and have talked A LOT about thanking donors, I find it shocking that such a high percentage of donors were NEVER thanked.

    Please. Please. Please take the time to thank your donors. It’s not just that it’s polite. (Really, my Mom would have a fit if she knew so many of you were not taking time to thank for a gift!)

    Donor acknowledgement causes deeper engagement, bigger contributions and it builds your community so that when you need something new or more you have a “go to” group to support you.

    Click here to read the Nonprofit Blog Carnival from November chock full of great posts about, you guessed it, thanking donors.

    Take notes and get into action.


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