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Infographic: The Dangerous Overhead Question

By October 2, 2013April 25th, 2014Nonprofits

I’m a fan of Dan Pallotta, a leading expert on innovation in the nonprofit sector. I’ve written about him here at Withism’s a couple of times. 

I’ve got a recap of a keynote speech I attended where Dan discussed how we keep nonprofits from using the tools of capitalism, and five areas where this plays out.

I’ve also discussed one of Dan’s TED Talks where he said the way we talk about charity is dead wrong.

Recently, I was delighted to see this terrific infographic about Dan’s TED Talk by Krista Lewis. My suggestion: Print it out, share it with your board, talk about it and lead the way for causing “outside the box” thinking about charitable support. 

Click to see a large version on Krista’s site


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