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Five Ways to Show Gratitude to Donors for World Gratitude Day

By September 17, 2014Donor Engagement

In the social sector we don’t really need a reason to reach out and thank our supporters for their gifts, but September 21, 2014 IS World Gratitude Day. It’s a day that provides a terrific excuse to reach out and show gratitude for all of the gifts that make it possible to do your important work.

Image from World Gratitude Day Facebook page

Image from World Gratitude Day Facebook page

World Gratitude Day was unofficially started by an international dinner gathering in Hawaii. The official start was in 1977 by the United Nations Mediation Group. It was created to provide time and opportunity for all mankind to celebrate:

  • Life
  • All things received and experienced
  • Modern day heroes
  • Extended family
  • Friends & acquaintances

Here are my top five ways to show gratitude to your supporters:

  1. Board thank you call. According to Penelope Burk this one call can increase donor retention and cause the 2nd gift to be 39% higher.
  2. Speedy thank you’s. I used to say “thank before you bank” but with so many making contributions online that’s impossible. Do make an effort to get that voice mail thank you call made within 48 hours of receiving the gift. And get the thank you letter out within 3 days. Donors will notice.
  3. Keep it personal. Make sure you mention what you’ll do with the gift they made. Use the words you and your multiple times in the thank you call or letter.
  4. Tell a Story. There is no better way to show the impact of someone’s gift than to share a story that moves and inspires them.
  5. Make your gratitude stand out. Use a short video, art from clients, colored paper for the letter, fun envelopes, go visit them and take a picture with them, whatever it takes to have your supporters feel great.

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