Excellent Example: Meaningful and Personal Donor Thanking

By August 15, 2018Donor Engagement

How much time do you spend thinking about donor thanking? Unfortunately, donor thank you letters are often sent automatically with little thought for making them meaningful.

Even the simple task of thanking can make a difference in keeping donors connected. Why? When donors feel special they stick around longer and give more.

As a long time donor for an organization in another state I don’t often get to experience the impact of my contributions first-hand. I especially appreciate any extra effort they take to keep me feeling connected.

Just this week I had my very own terrific experience of donor thanking. The hand-written note from the CEO brought a smile to my face and the program snapshot was an update about someone I’d met years before.

Receiving this warm message amongst all the clutter that arrived in the mail was a welcome surprise.
example of meaningful donor thanking

Infuse your mission into your donor thanking by:

• Keeping the note or letter personal and meaningful.

• Keeping the message short.

• Reminding donors of the impact of their gift by sharing a short story about a real person helped by your program.

Here are 5 simple things you can easily do to build deeper connections with donor thanking.

My thanking experience felt great. Even though I just made a contribution, I’m already thinking about the difference I can make with my next gift.

For more inspiration download this donor thank you checklist.


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