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Part II: Donor Stewardship. Simple. Powerful. Mission-Centered

Connecting with your supporters doesn’t have to be a huge project or take lots of time. To be effective it MUST be simple, powerful, and mission-centered.

Take a look at some of my favorite examples.

Handwritten thank you notes with “mission-inspired” images.

Mission-centered Donor Stewardship can be conveyed in thank you notes

From Volunteers of America Northern CA Northern NV
Powerful Donor Stewardship doesn't have to be a huge project

A small logo pin (not necessary, but nice) sent after completing a major campaign.

mission-centered Donor Stewardship can be simple
Gold logo lapel pin from Lowell Community Health Center sent to all donors who supported their $5 million capital campaign. I keep mine on my bulletin board & it makes me feel great years later.

Share a link to a thank you video.
Click on image below and be sure to watch all the way to the end.

Powerful Donor Stewardship should be mission-centered

More examples of thank you videos on Bloomerang blog.

Inspiring photos on social media. Make sure these are of people no matter what your mission is.

charitywater is the gold standard in sharing awe inspiring images.

Image Credit: Causevox. Click image enlarge.

The point of donor stewardship: Keep your supporters feeling so great giving — that they want to give again.




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